If the 60s were all about Beatlemania, then this decade will surely go down in history as the time of Burgermania. Londoners just can’t enough of meat-in-a-bun meals, with everywhere from high-end restaurants to backstreet food carts peddling patties like they’re going out of fashion.

We’ve picked our top 10 burger boom must-tries, from the classic to the creative and the cheesey to the chicken. Take a look and let us know which other brilliant baps and marvellous meatcakes you think are top rate in the comments below

The Dead Hippie: MEATmission

£8.75 (Monkey Fingers £7.75)

This is a creation that dates back to the days when the Meat Wagon was still a nomadic burger revolutionary, kick-starting London’s insatiable appetite for meat in a bun. This sloppy signature consists of two thin patties fried in mustard and topped with gooey cheese, shredded raw onion, chunky pickled gherkins and a secret ‘hippie sauce’ that is something along the lines of a mustard mayo. It’s greasy, messy and trashy, but in all the right ways.


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